Tommy Dill knew the day he purchased his Tascam 4-track cassette recorder back in 1999 that it was the beginning of a life-long passion for recording music. Layering instrument upon instrument, even if played poorly, became an instant obsession. After a high school band gave him some touring experience, Tommy made his way from the Bay Area to Los Angeles where he enrolled at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. The school inspired him to form a band called A.G.E.S, while leading him to an internship for a renowned film composer named Jeff Rona. There, Tommy got his first glimpse at the film composing world and it's fiercely competitive nature, and decided "the hell with it, I'm just gonna play in a band." After several fun but fruitless years playing with A.G.E.S. and his other band Lily and the Lion, Tommy decided to give composing another shot. He had already written a few tracks for the music library Killer Tracks, and when his first royalty check came he decided he was doing the right thing. Since then, Tommy has written and recorded countless pieces of music for music libraries, production companies, commercials and artists. It was discovered early on that his specialty was writing heavy, modern rock/electronic hybrid music that garnered him several high-end network placements such as the Super Bowl, NBA and MLB playoffs, video games such as League of Legends and The Bigs, and several other extreme sports-type programming. He also developed a knack for writing to picture, especially advertising, and considers this one of his strengths.


Tommy now spends his time writing in his Echo Park tree house/studio and jamming with his new band The Beta Machine. Check out the bands page for more details.